So on the 12th of June, I got the chance to see Yung Lean perform in Ybor, FL aka Tampa. I have been listening to Lean for about a year and a half so I am familiar with who he is and what kind of music he plays.

His new album Warlord came out in February right after my birthday (happy me) and soon after was the release for tour dates. Two of the dates being in Florida. Hallelujah. One of which I could attend with my friends.

Yung Lean

So some background on the Infamous Yung Lean. . .

Yung Lean is from Sweden and is 19 years old, his top songs are “Ginseng Strip 2002”, “Kyoto”, & “Yoshi City”. His real name is Jonatan Leandoer Håstad. He owns his own label which is Sad Boys Entertainment (SBE) with Yung Gud and Yung  Sherman. His music style is different from other rappers. Obviously there is mentioning of drugs and other things in his songs so if you don’t like to hear that, I don’t think you would like his music.

But Hey, if you do, then welcome to the team.

Yung Lean basically created the SadBoys culture. Thus meaning aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of people. Theres the random Arizona Tea bottles and futuristic color concepts.

All in All, Yung Lean is a succesful guy who knows how to make music and is a great performer.

Subscribe to his Channel if you wanna hear more

Ginseng Strip 2002 // Yung Lean

Kyoto // Yung Lean

Yoshi City // Yung Lean






Pro of the Show: Yung Lean put on a great performance. I was so happy with the venue choice. It was at The Orpheum, Ybor. Big enough for a small crowd. I enjoyed the opening acts. Was hoping Lean would get on the stage and perform sooner, but it was all good. Didn’t have to wait long for him to perform. Doors opened at 7pm, and the show started around 8:30pm. I was worried about something happening in the club since only 2 days previous there was 2 terrible shootings in Orlando (#OrlandoStrong). The security did very well with checking personal items and scanning people. Yung Lean put on such a great performance. And I even got to touch his hand, so that made me very happy (haha). Lean even came back out to perform 2 more songs for an encore.

Con of the Show: Bought a VIP ticket for $40 vs. $20, and only got the option for higher seating, which wasnt even worth it. No Meet and Greet, nada. So that made me very mad.

Would I go see him perform again? Hell yes.

Looking forward to more concerts to tell you guys about.

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