Beauty Haul: Spring 2016

I went to Wal-Mart about 2 weeks ago to pick up things for prom makeup. . . and this is what I came back home with!

Loreal Paris Magic BB Cream: Light

   So to start off this Haul Review, I bought the Loreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream cream in light, I have always wanted to try BB or CC cream because people swear that it’s really good alternative to other products.

I was so amazed by this product. The consistency was something I’ve never really seen before, probably because I haven’t ever used BB cream before.


  So, the product was liquid-y and white when it came out but then when you massage it onto your skin it changes into a tan to match your complexion, it was crazy, cause I wasn’t expecting that.

Over all if you want to try this product you won’t be disappointed, it lasted really well for Prom night and its very light but also does well with coverage.

4/5 Stars: Would be nicer if the product wasnt as liquid-y. 


Redken Extreme Strength Builder: Hair Product

I bought this at Ulta about 2 months ago and it is the cure for damaged hair! I’ve had other Redken products for my hair but I was in need of some serious help with my hair because it wasnt as soft as it used or be.

You just dip your fingers into it and put it on the ends of your hair after you shower, and let it sit for about 15 minutes and then wash it out again, and you will have angelic hair.

The cost for this was about $20 I believe.

5/5 Stars!


e.l.f HD translucent Powder

I got this product from Wal-Mart also along with my Prom Haul, and I noticed a whole new rack for new Elf products that wasn’t there before, aka my new heaven.

I love Elf products because of how cheap they are for good quality!

I decided to buy the translucent color. The product is the HD powder which you could always use when you have a very important photo shoot.

I wore it to work the night before Prom and I looked great right after a 5 hour shift.



And at the end of the night for Prom I still looked picture ready, which can never go wrong for a girl.

The Powder came with this little press powder applicator and I didn’t use it because I don’t really trust stores who have the availability for opening packages and using them. Germy!

But I probably will try washing this with my face wash and hope it comes out all right because it looks really soft and it feels like it.

5/5 Stars!





e.l.f Concealer : Light

And lastly I bought this Elf Concealer in the lightest color,and I was disappointed because it was too orange for my skin tone : Light.

The packaging for the product was really cute and tiny. But I didn’t even try using this for Prom or for school because I didn’t want to look like an orange peel for the day. So my score for this is a 1/5 stars.


So thats my Haul for Spring time! Let me Know what suggestions or comments you have had about the products above!




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