Lana Baby

For those of you who know the infamous Lana Del Rey (Lizzie Grant) she has had her new album come out.. Honeymoon. Which came out on September 8th, 2015.

I have finally had the chance to sit down and listen to it. And I was expecting exactly what I heard on that album. Pure beauty. I don’t believe Lana has ever had any song that hasn’t met the standards to her previous works.

Currently the new song of the day is ‘Freak’ (track 6 on Spotify).

Her voice is just so god damn beautiful. And when the chorus hits its bliss to the ears. Now that a person opinion. This whole article is but Lana Del Rey did not disappoint me on this one.

Now on her YouTube video (Link can be found at very bottom) it includes a piece of “Clair De Lune” for around 3 minutes at the very end.

But it is exclusively just for the video.

The film makers who created this video included lots of shades of pink and the girls from “Music to watch boys to” video. As well as Father John Misty the singer. Major key visuals in the music video was the Kool Aid looking drink (probably relating tothe cult drink) that Lana pours into her mouth and blotting papers for LSD onto Father Jon Misty’s tongue.

Alright thats all for todays music choice song,




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