I am still alive I swear!

So I have not posted anything in months.. I mean literally months,

I have been so busy with my new jobs and juggling my new classes for not only high school but 2 dual enrollment college classes. This year has not been easy for me academically wise but that’s okay. I’ve finally reached a point where I can take breather moments and enjoy the things I haven’t done in months (Like blogging).

SO to start off on this post I will be talking about this new movie called DOPE, it is by far one of my favorite movies on Netflix right now. It captures the southern California stereotypes and transforms them into great characters who get caught in a bad situation but become entrepreneurs out of it. The story line is the best. But the reason i’m talking about the movie is because of the heavily influence on the 90’s nostalgia look that the main character and his friends are obsessed with.

There was a lot of miss matching that somehow worked well when put together. And the main character rocked the flat top perfectly. Just think Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets 2016.

Here are a few examples of what the looks in the movie reminded me of…









And of course the movie characters/actors themselves

Right after I watched this movie with my best friend we decided to change up our style a little bit so we hit up our Goodwill around the corner and transformed our look and absolutely fell in love with what we were starting to build our closet with, 90’s style.

SOO basically go watch DOPE because you will love it and appreciate the message the director wanted to give us.

My next post will be my Goodwill haul which wont be complete for at least another week maybe because I need to go out shopping again






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