Dear school youre stressin me outtt

Such a bad combination every year I swear.

I haven’t been able to have enough time to myself lately for the past month and a 1/2

I have to juggle and jump to make everything fit within 7 days a week, it’s a terrible cycle.

Here are some hacks that I have if you are having a hard time with figuring out whats gonna work for you within the week of hell and what will not.



When I say this I mean seriously to sit down for 5-10 minutes and think about what actually goes on each week and what stays constant every single week.

Take a planner or a notepad to write down priorities and prior-not’s 


Monday- Math homework from 9:30-10 (if im lucky), Think about life and how crappy mine is, spend time on social media to show love to my friends, sleep at 11

Tuesday- Lit paper from 5-6, no work, skype the babest of the babes for 3 hours, sleep at 10

Wednesday- No homework I need a break from this bs, Netflix (& no chill), sleep at 11

Thursday-AP History homework from 4-8, cry for 20 minutes because I spent 4h on homework, watch some gossip girl and Greys anatomy while skyping because innovative, sleep at 10

Friday- no homework bc its friday and who does hw on a friday, try to plan to hang with people and fail miserably, end up watching netflix till 3 am while skyping inbetween.

Saturday- Try to make plans again but have the same result as friday, lay in bed till I get too bored, watch more gossip girl and greys, skype, think about how much I would like to blog but am too boring to think of a good topic, sleep at 3am.

Sunday- sleep in bc its a sunday, think about all the cool breakfast things I could make and post cool things on tumblr about it but end up not doing so, skyping babe and being ignored because hes on xbox with his friends (fml) and hoping I could endlessly be interesting lol 

Monday- Cycle repeats itself again and again and again and again

But so yeah basically do that and you’ll see what you’re doing wrong in your life haha

I realized that I do have freetime but I just choose to spend it being lazy because I don’t have that much freetime to begin with

Does that make me a bad person?? I think i’ve lost the right to complain anymore

I’m being really personable with you guys right now and its so nice


Get a cute planner that you would like to be seen in public with because who wouldn’t wanna be seen in public with a cool hipsterr tumblr DIY planner ?

Twas not a joke, but I am being serious about the planner, mine saves my life every week I just use my planner on my tablet because its a lot easier to whip out and put stuff in.. excuse the accidental innuendo


Got too much homework? Ask your teacher if she could give you a heads up like 3 days prior so you can get started on it and not feel so stressed out about it, you can plan around your homework this way so you can have time to bubble bathe AND shave


ITs okay to ignore bae

bae should be a good bae if he stays in place whilst youre doing your homework

if he is salty and gives you attitude for having to do your homework over facetiming him, hes obviously not a good person to begin with so take it as a warning if he starts showing that symptom

And that is all I have to this stressful week situation on my hands, I hope I helped you somewhat and made you laugh just a little



DO you have any other suggestions?

SHOULD  I make this as a youtube video?

What are your opinions on the matter ?



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