So me and lipstick are not very aqainted but I bought the NYC Red Raptor for a couple of bucks becauase it was rolled back and I was like “Eh whats a few bucks!”



This is the lipstick color on my hand and it has a definite red tone, but theres a little tint of pink in it I think.

I loved how it looked on me and the color definintely stays pretty well and the longer its on the better it dries on your lips.
No smudges, no probs! lol

But make sure you put it on the right way and not the miranda sings way because i accidentally got a little on the bottom of my lip on my skin and it stained lol
but i got a little bit of it off but you can see it a little bit in the picture below hahah
( I suck at putting lip stick on lol)



So my review for this Color is a 7/10 purely because I wish it did not have the issue of smudging so easily until after like 3 hours of wearing it , to me thats a lot of time for it to come off during your typical day.. there would be a lot of red lipstick stains on those nice coffee cups lol

stay tuned for my next post on my Elf Eyeshadow Duo in purple That went with this look (:




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